We are excited to welcome new members onto our team! Pre-season we will meet every Thursday after school from 2:30 to 3:30 (except holidays) in room 2410. Here we will raise money and educate the team. On January 6, the season will officially start. The game will be announced and we will begin building our robot. Here we will meet almost everyday after school from January 6 to February 20.  

We don’t expect you to be there every single day but regular attendance is expected and required. We need you to participate in order to build a functional robot. After build season, two to three competitions will take place from February 20 to April 8 on weekends. We ask that all members contribute at least $200 in order to participate. This may sound like a lot, but the team offers many ways to raise the money through fundraising, including concessions at THOR and cookie-dough sales. If financial aid is needed, please email bmamel@wcpss.net for information.

Parents are asked to pay $200 for each family team member. Team 6500 depends on these membership fees to support the team and all proceeds are used for that purpose. This one-time payment covers registration for all events and a competition T-shirt for your child.

We try to make this as easy as possible and understand that some families may need to spread the cost out over two payments. Another option is for you or your child to raise half of the money through fundraising, employer matching funds, writing a grant or finding a sponsor. Ultimately, the goal is to guarantee participation by any student at Millbrook, so if none of the options work, of course, we have scholarship opportunities.

This portal is provided for your convenience. Please help the team by covering the cost of processing the payment so the team will get the full benefit of your membership. You will be given the option to do so on the final payment page.

The board will consider scholarship requests on a case by case basis. If you chose to give a full scholarship, it will be given anonymously unless you designate otherwise by emailing Tim McKay at tim@timmckay.com.